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Cell Phone Video Clips & Photos to DVD Disc
(Also Cell Phone Photos printed to 8 X 10 Photos)

We can transfer your smart phone video clips and photos,
into a standard DVD, that you can watch right on your TV or computer.
Video clips or photos will play one after another consecutively.
Just like a running movie!!!

(Also works with Tablets, iPods, SD Cards, digital video cameras, and more)

We all have so many great and memorable recordings saved in our phones, both video clips and photos.
The sad thing is... those memorable moments often become forgotten as time goes by… rarely seen again.
Let’s face it, how often do we go back weeks, months or even years,
to enjoy what we once captured with our phones

We’ve created a simple solution to preserve and see ALL those memories again!!!


Here is how it works!

Step 1:
Copy the video clips and images from your phone (or device) to your computer.
Step 2:
Complete our online order form, letting us know exactly what you are ordering.
Step 3:
Upload your video clips and photos to our secure “ SSL 256-bit encryption” site.
You can choose to upload all your video clips or photos, or just the ones you’d like.
You can also have any image printed to an 8 X 10 photo!!


Step 4:
We then transfer your phone's video clips or photos into a playable DVD,
All your video clips or photos will play one after another just like a movie!!
When one video clip/photo ends, the next will begin.
(We can also print an 8 X 10 photo from any file on your phone.)


Step 5:
We mail you a brand new DVD via the U.S. Postal Service.
This very industry standard DVD is just like the ones we all have.
It will play in any DVD player, or even on a computer!!

How to Proceed:

Step 1:

Copying video clips and images,
from your phone (or device) to your computer


First, you need to copy the files from your phone to your computer.
This way you can review your files if you'd like, then can securely upload to us.

There are several methods to move files from your phone or device to your computer
  EVERY phone/device made has this ability. You don't need to install any special ap, or itunes etc.

Below we've outlined what we think is the easiest way. Again, no special aps, or itunes etc. needed.
If you still can not copy files from your phone to your computer, you can always do an internet search such as...
"how to transfer (your phone's type) files from phone to computer". However, first try this simplified method:


(1) Right click with your mouse anywhere on your computer screen/desktop and create a new folder.
(2) Name this new folder something like "Smith phone files"etc.
(3) Now, connect your phone to your pc with your phone's usb cable.
     Using the usb cable that plugs into your phone, plug one end into your phone,
     then plug the other end into any open usb port on your computer.
(4) Turn your phone on.
(5) If prompted by your phone/device, Choose to ALLOW to connect/transfer files to your computer.
     ALSO, as soon as you connect the usb cable and turn your phone on,
     your computer may at the same time ask similar "permission to access phone" (YES).

     For iphones:
     Your iphone may right away ask you "Trust this computer?", or "Allow this device?" (YES).

     If your iphone asks you to Download itunes choose "Don't download"... it is not necesarry.
     If your iphone asks you to "sync" device, also choose "No"... again not necesarry.

     For Android Devices
     An Android may prompt you to "tap to change/or view usb options etc." (YES)
Note: Phones and devices are normally defaulted to NOT allow

     In this step 5 no matter the type of your phone, device or computer's verbiage or prompts,
     we want to allow files to be transferred from your phone to your computer and vice-versa.

      Note: if an "AutoPlay" box opens up on your computer, with a few "Device Options" this is perfectly fine.
      HOWEVER, your phone and computer MUST FIRST have permission to access each other to proceed.
      If this box opens, you can now left click on the folder that says "Open device to view files".
      This will bring up the page showing your phone's "Internal Storage" listing. (You can skip to step 8).
      If a "Device Options" box does not pop up, no problem... proceed to step 6

With your phone turned on and connected to your computer via usb cable...
(6) On your computer, Open "My Computer" from the start menu, or search "My PC" as an example in Windows 10.
     (You are looking for all the connected devices your computer recognizes).
     Look for your phone listed, usually under "Portable Devices" or "Connected Devices".
     Note: If you don't see your phone listed, unplug and re-plug in the cable and check again.
(7) Double Click your listed phone.
     (A page should open up showing your phones available "Internal Storage" available and used).
(8) Double Click the "Internal Storage" listed. (Could say available space etc).
     (You may see many folders listed here, or just one. The one we want is called DCIM).
(7) Double Click the DCIM folder, (stands for Digital Camera Images).
(8) For iphones, Double Click any of the folders, (may say "100apple", "101apple" or something similar).
     For Android Devices, Double Click the Camera folder, (may say "images" or something similar).
     These folders will contain all your photo and video clip files.

You should now see all your video clip and photo files!!!

(9) Now, simply copy and paste (move) all these video and image files from your phone,
      to the new folder you created earlier on your computer screen... "Smith Phone Files".

If you don't know how to "copy and paste" (move files from one place to another),
read below, this can be done pretty easily in one of two ways.

How to Copy and Paste

Method 1 to copy and paste:
      (a) Left click the very first file so it is highlighted, then while holding down your keyboard's shift button,
           left click the last file in the folder (they should all become highlighted).
           Right click anywhere on the highlighted files, then left click "Copy".
      (b) Go to your created folder "Smith Phone Files", and right click on or in this folder.
            Select "Paste". All your phone files will now be copied into your main "Smith Phone Files".

Method 2 to copy and paste:
      (a) Go to the top left of your screen that has all the files in it (video clips and photos).
           Your screen may have a drop-down menu that says ORGANIZE or something simlar.
           Click ORGANIZE, then with the drop-down menu, simply click "Select All",
all your files should now be highlighted.
           Right click anywhere on the highlighted files, then left click "Copy".
     (b) Go to your created folder "Smith Phone Files", and right click on or in this folder.
           Select "paste". All your phone files will now be copied into your main "Smith Phone Files".

   Your new "Smith Phone Files" should now contain all the photos and video clips from your phone.
A great extra idea here, is to "Sort"/arrange them in your new folder by "Type".
This way all photos and video clips will be separated and grouped together.

   To do this, first right click anywhere on that folder's page (except for directly on a video or photo),
From the drop down menu, go to "Sort By", then select "Type". It will separate video clips from photos.
(You can also sort by other options as well).

   You can now review any photos or video clips on your computer, to determine which (or all) you want to upload.
If there are any files you don't want transferred to your Video Clips DVD Movie or Photo Slideshow,
you can create another folder on your desktop, and move them there (by "Cut and Paste" method).
"Cut & Paste" just means transferring files from one location to another. In this case a separate folder somewhere.
To "Cut and Paste" you would use the same method as listed above to "Copy & Paste",
except this time instead of clicking "Copy", click "Cut" (then "Paste" to a new folder).


The above steps of transferring your phone clips and photos to your computer,
is the ONLY tricky part to learn at first, depending on your phone knowledge.
     Once you learn how to do this... you can easily upload to us anytime in the future

EVERY phone ever made has the ability to transfer your Video Clips and Photos to your computer,
You only need to learn how to do this once!!

Step 2:
Complete the order form,
Let us know exactly what you are ordering

Click on the Order Form button above.
Type in your contact and shipping information, a well as what you are ordering.
Click "Next" to go to page 2.
Here you will provide more details about your order.
Including DVD title, number of copies, if photos are to be printed etc.
At the end of the form click Submit, this will send your order information to us.

Step 3:
Upload your video clips and photos,
to our secure “ SSL 256-bit encryption” site


Click on the Upload Files button above.
This will take you to the first of two pages (shown below).

Pretty simple here:
Type in your full name and email in the spaces provided, and click "next".
This will take you to the final upload page shown below

There are 2 ways to load your files into this page.
You can pick "Choose Files" or "Drop Files Here"
The easiest way is to "click" on the "Choose Files" button.
This is the navigation button to view all your computer's folders.
From here, just locate the "Smith Phone Files" folder you created earlier.
"Highlight" the files and click "Open".
You will see a progress bar as your files are loading, turning yellow to light green.
Wait for the files to upload and turn to dark green
(This can take several minutes to over an hour,
depending on size of files and internet conection speed)

Once complete, you will see a message saying "successfully uploaded"

That's It... You're Done!!!

You can expect to receive an email from us shortly,
that your Order Form and Files have been received!!!

If you would like to add more specific details about your order, not included on the order form,
OR if you would prefer to simply email us your instructions.
Please email us anytime at:
(We will ALWAYS reply same day)

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