Photos to DVD Slideshow (FAQ)

Q: What exactly is a DVD slideshow of photos, what will I get back?
A: You will receive in the U.S. mail a very industry standard DVD (like we all own), that will play in any DVD player or computer. In other words, you can watch the photos play right on your TV or computer. Each photo will remain on the screen for approx. 8 seconds, then fade into the next photo until all are finished.

Q: What about a Title for my DVD Slideshow, how does that work?
A: You can pick any main title you'd like for your Photo DVD Slideshow. Examples such as: "Smith Family Memories", "Niagara Falls - 2015", "Johnson Vacation - Summer 2016", or any other simple title. This title will appear in several places. (1) Printed on the DVD disc itself. (2) Printed on the insert page that goes into the DVD case. (3) On the spine of the DVD case. (4) On an Opening title page as your DVD starts to play.

Q: How long does it take to complete my order?
A: Our normal turn-around time is 3-4 business days after receiving your uploads. If you need it back faster, please let us know of any deadline you may have and we will try to expedite your order at no extra charge. For even quicker service, there are always various return shipping options such as Priority Mail, Express Overnight Service etc. All orders are shipped through the U.S. Post Office.

Q: What is the "Chapter Points" every 5 minutes option?
A: With this option, we add invisible "breaks" every 5 minutes to your entire production. This gives you the ability to skip around by 5 minute increments within your movie.

Q: How many photos can fit onto a DVD?
A: A DVD can hold approximately 2 hours. So based on this, you can have about 700 photos playing as running slideshow on your DVD. If you have OVER 700 photos, it would require an additional DVD. In this case we would normally split the files into 2 equal length DVDs. Next we would print the same title onto both DVDs, then add “Part 1 of 2” and “Part 2 of 2”, and put them into a double DVD case. Please note: A double DVD set is priced as 2 Cell Phone Photo Slideshows.

Q: Some of my photos are sideways and upside down, will you rotate these before putting onto DVD?
A: YES, if any photos are oriented incorrectly, we will adjust them (no ex-charge).

Q: Will you go though and enhance all my photos prior to creating the DVD Slideshow?
A: No, we set up our conversion system to load all your photos and create your DVD without any editing. However... if there are a couple of photos that need specific attention, you can let us know exactly which ones they are. We will do our best to locate and make any specific "fixes" you request at no extra charge.

Q: I don’t know how many photos exactly I have, how will I know the cost, or how many DVDs my order will take?
A: You don’t need to determine the exact number of photos ahead of time. We can simply transfer your images no matter how many there are. If the cost or number of DVDs needed is a concern, we can always let you know their lengths ahead of time before any final transfer to DVD.

Q: Can music be added to my Photo Slideshow?
A: Yes, we have 2 options here. We can add an instrumental sountrack to the entire slideshow ($5.00 additional), or you can upload your own songs/music files as well to be played with your slideshow ($5.00 per song added).

Q: Some of my cell phone/device images are of a very personal nature, will anyone be watching my Photo Slideshow?
A: No, we don’t watch or monitor customers’ images as they are being transferred to DVD. Once we set up our system to start loading your images into a DVD, it is simply left alone until it is finished.

Q: Do you keep a back-up of my images or DVD Slideshow?
A: Very temporarily as a "shipping safety net". Meaning, once we send out your order, we'll have the files on hand for only about 2 weeks. If something were to happen to your order during return shipping, we could reproduce the exact same DVDs. We have not had to implement this system as of yet, but it is in place just in case. After approx. 2 weeks, we delete all files. We do however offer a "Permanent Storage Archive" for $9.95 each DVD saved, where we keep a back-up DVD duplicate on hand permanently for security, and any future duplication needs.

Q: I really like the DVDs, can I order more without re-uploading all over again?
A: Again, we will have your files on-hand for about 2 weeks after we send out your order (as the above-mentioned "shipping safety net"). Once you get your DVDs back, you do have a small window of time where you can still order additional DVDs, without needing to re-upload your files or send back a DVD for duplication. Once we delete your files however, you would need to send a DVD back for duplication. The cost would be the same as if you ordered it originally, no new set-up cost etc.

Q: Can I make my own copies of the DVDs creates?
A: Yes, your new DVDs belong to you, we have no copy-protection built into them. They are very flexible and duplicates can be made if you have the equipment and ability.

Q: Can I edit the DVDs myself once I have them back?
A: No, the DVDs we create are “finalized”, and cannot be edited in their finished form. However, if you would like to edit your DVD footage there is a way!! You would need to send us a portable hard drive, in which we would create very industry standard .avi files for you. From this point, you would be able to open up these files using any common video editing program you would like, and perform your own editing. The additional cost for this service would be $20.00.
You would however, need to provide/send us your own hard drive.

Q: Do you accept orders from Canada and other countries?
A: Yes, everything is exactly the same for our "Out of the USA" customers (Canada only at this time). The only difference will be the cost of shipping back to you. Shipping costs are determined by the size of your order and your location, we can provide you a more exact quote once we receive your order. Shipping costs typically vary between $18 - $24 for our Canadian customers. Also, payment does need to be made in US funds via MC/VISA/Discover/AMEX/Debit. Unfortunately, our bank does not accept personal checks or money orders drawn on banks outside the US.